THE UPRISING, is a game that challenges players to deduce one another’s identities and then pick a team of potential good guys to complete a task.

You may have played similar games such as AUSONLINE: MAFIA or Ultimate Werewolf which have their merits, but in THE UPRISING, no one dies—meaning no one gets left out of the fun.


The year is 2236 and humans have been settling other planets for over 200 years now. On an outlying moon of Saturn, a settled colony known as HYPERION is a direct democracy, in which all eligible citizens have direct participation in the decision making of the REPUBLIC parliament.

Trade talks with a neighboring colony Enceladus is underway, with teams of Hyperions being sent on trade missions to discuss resources, tariffs and trade embargoes. A small band of rebel Hyperions are looking to sabotage the trade talks and overthrow the REPUBLIC parliament, with a goal to create a regime of which, they will have the ultimate power. THE UPRISING


We need at least ten participants to play AUSONLINE: UPRISING.

10-12 players will be considered a basic game. If there is more, the format my include other special ability roles.


Before the game begins, each player will receive a message from the host with the role that they will be playing. This will determine which side they’re on, good (REPUBLIC) or evil (REBELS). Some characters will also have special abilities.

Make sure to keep this role to yourself it may not be revealed at any point in the game.

The chart below details how many characters will be good and how many evil based on the total number of players.

Total Number of Players121314151617


Now that everyone knows their role and special abilities, the game commences.


A random player will be chosen to be “MISSION LEADER” to head up the trade talks on the neighbouring moon. The leader wants to select a team of people to accompany them to have a positive diplomatic discussion. Team numbers are are dependent on number of players (See Chart Below)

They shall announce the proposed team for their trade talk mission.

Once the leader has chosen their team, everyone in the group will vote on the team within the specified time frame. A vote of “ACCEPTED” or “REJECTED” shall be made in the main chat.


If there is a majority of players approving the team, the team will head off on their diplomatic mission.

The mission team members shall then decide whether to support a successful mission or sabotage it, by voting in private to the host, of whether the mission is a “**SUCCESS**” or if it “**FAILED**”. Other players will be advised if the mission was successful or not, but individual votes will not be divulged.

Players are not to reveal their votes to any other players.

If the mission is successful another random player will be chosen to be “MISSION LEADER” for the next round of diplomatic talks.


If a majority of players reject the mission team, or it’s a tie, the members do not do the mission. Instead, the mission leader is dismissed, and a new leader proposes a new team. It’s voted on again, and the process repeats until a team is agreed upon.

Note that if five teams in a single round are rejected in a row, the REBEL team automatically wins the entire game and THE UPRISING is successful.

The chart below details how many players the leader will propose for a mission, based on which round it is.

Total Number of Players111213141516
Mission 1444555
Mission 2555666
Mission 3465666
Mission 4556*7*7*7*
Mission 5566777

Missions with asterisks (*) require two “**FAILED**” submissions for the mission to fail.


Rounds consist of the group selecting specific players to go on missions. The good Hyperions must put in a “success” vote when selected for a mission. Evil players can either put in a “fail” or a “success” vote.

If all players selected for a mission put in a success card, the mission proceeds smoothly and the REPUBLIC is closer to winning. However, a single fail card will automatically sabotage a mission and give the point to the UPRISING instead.

If three total missions succeed, the REPUBLIC team wins; if three fail, the evil rebels of the UPRISING claims victory.


Good question! Voting for a successful mission would help the good side and hurt the chances for an UPRISING; however, it can be useful as an attempt to convince others of one’s innocence. And remember, if a fail card comes up, you know for a fact that someone on that team is evil.


All players are members of the Hyperion REPUBLIC, however there are only a certain number of REBELS who are looking to overthrow the government in THE UPRISING.

There are also character roles for some players depending on the set up of the game.


THE ORACLE is on the side of the REPUBLIC and know the identities of the REBELS. They know almost everything: Who cannot be trusted, and therefore who can be trusted. But they can’t let that be known, because the REBELS will win if they figure them out and assassinate THE ORACLE. So if you are playing this character, the constant conflict is to try to share some of your knowledge without letting on. If you’re playing with experienced and clever players, they’ll be watching your every move. One frequent tell of the ORACLE is that although they might do a great job of acting clueless, they unintentionally vote correctly on every single vote, and always pick a perfect team.

In that regard, you have to intentionally play the game imperfectly. Don’t always vote correctly. Don’t always accuse a REBEL of being a REBEL, even though you know they’re evil intentions. Indeed, you can go a long way by pretending to trust a REBEL and vouch for them. But of course, you also want to be careful to not let them win too many rounds and secure THE UPRISING…

The ORACLE can be a difficult role. You have all the knowledge, but not all of the power. And you have a big target on your back. Having said that, there’s nothing better for learning the intricacies of the game then the pain of being THE ORACLE, watching the REPUBLIC being systematically dismantled by REBELS who know what they’re doing.

Conversely, there is nothing so delicious as being a REBEL watching Merlin get more and more desperate while the good citizens flounder. They have a terrible dilemma – and they really need to share what they know, but also risking giving themselves away.


The Assassin is on the REBEL team and gets the final call on who to assassinate. If they can identify the ORACLE, the REBELS are victorious and THE UPRISING is inevitable.

The REBELS get to discuss the assassination at the end of the game, so it’s worth taking everyone’s input. There are several things to look out for.

Sometimes you can identify THE ORACLE because they always vote correctly, i.e. they always voted down missions when you or other rebels were on the team.

If you notice people who have absolutely no idea what’s going on, that’s most likely to be a regular devoted member of the REPUBLIC. Don’t vote for them to be assassinated.



THE SHEPHERD knows the identity of the ORACLE. They are a loyal servant of the REPUBLIC and can assist create cover for the ORACLE and ensure the balance of power is in favor of the government. No one is informed of the shepherds identity.


KATOS, pronounced (Kay-toss) is a rebel of the UPRISING, who deceives THE SHEPHERD by also being revealed to them as the ORACLE. This confuses them, making them question the ORACLE‘s real identity and who to trust. KATOS balances the game in favor of the REBELLION, and their effect impacts THE SHEPHERD’s ability to protect the ORACLE in the end game.


Helacroix (Pronounced hella – qua) does not reveal themselves to the Rebels of THE UPRISING, and they are also not revealed to them, however Helacroix still is known as a REBEL by the ORACLE. Helacroix makes the other evil players have to deduce one of their own’s identity, while he does the same with them. This balances the game in favor of the REPUBLIC.


MAGUS  (pronounced may-juss) does not reveal themselves to players. After a failed mission, MAGUS may enquire on the vote of one of the team sent on the mission. They must contact the host for that information. This could allow them to deduce who is for and who is against the success of HYPERION.


QUESTICO  does not reveal himself to all players. When chosen for a mission, they may add an extra person on the team. They must contact the host to add the player which will be announced to the delegation.  


UPRISING can be played over as little as three rounds, or as many as five. The best of five wins.

The UPRISING win if three of the five missions fail.

The REPUBLIC wins if three missions are successful.

However, if the REPUBLIC do win with three successful talks, the UPRISING may be successful if the ASSASSIN can then correctly identify the ORACLE and expose them, thus rendering the trade talks a failure. Players on the team of the rebels of the UPRISING can openly discuss this.

If three missions fail before three succeed, evil automatically win and the UPRISING is successful and the REBELS take over the government! Subsequent gloating can ensue.


Information in AUSONLINE: THE UPRISING comes at multiple levels. First are players’ voting patterns, second are Mission results, and third are cues that you can discern from player interactions. REPUBLIC supporters must use all the information at hand to defeat the REBELLION and stop the UPRISING.

We welcome feedback on this proposed game below or on the AUSONLINE Facebook group


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